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Create a subscription through an order


Create a subscription through an order

For order/subscription creation, the products users can select are the ones the selected account can buy. That is, a user can create an order for the products that are visible to the org unit the customer account belongs to.

  1. Create a subscription by creating an order using the steps mentioned in Create a subscription using the Zuora UI
  2. Review the order and activate the subscription. 

The list of products visible are the ones that belong to the customer org unit.

Create a subscription through order for the products associated with an organization's customer account using API 

You can use the Create an order operation to create a subscription.

Include the following header information to specify the Org Unit for which you are trying to create an order:

Zuora-Org-Ids - Specify the org unit to create an order

  • If you specify an Org that the user does not have access to, order creation will fail. 
  • If you do not set this header, the order creation will happen for the user’s default org unit.