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Dedicated Workflow Workers


Dedicated Workflow Workers

Zuora Workflow enables you to automate critical business processes. As business processes scale up in complexity and volume, Workflow operates with optimized routines to enable orchestrations to grow without any technical system and infrastructural impediments.


When initiated, workflows are placed in a global queue across all Zuora tenants to run as soon as processing power becomes available. The global queue is sufficient because the workflow will generally begin execution within minutes. For top-priority Workflow operations, where processing within a specified timeframe is critical, Zuora’s Dedicated Workflow Workers provide always-available resources that can be called upon without interference from other competing business processes.

Dedicated Workers reduce queue time for high-priority jobs and provide consistency in wait period lengths. Cutting down variable wait time better equips you to confidently support just-in-time and near-real-time workflows.

Workflow queue size mitigation tactics

You can manage Workflow queue size by assigning priority with great care and continually monitoring the Workflow System Health Dashboard for any indicators and trends that surface long queue periods.

Priority assignment must entail dividing workflows between low, medium, and high. Assigning all workflows to high priority does not produce any enhanced performance; On the contrary, ensuring asynchronous and batch jobs are in lower execution priority will give precedence to mission-critical flows.

If queue times remain inconsistent and high, consider using Dedicated Workers.

Get started with dedicated workers

As a performance enhancement designed to support time-sensitive workflows in large or complex mission-critical processes, one Dedicated Workflow Worker is included with Zuora’s Performance Booster and two Dedicated Workflow Workers are included with the Performance Booster Elite packages.

For more information on the Performance Booster packages and Dedicated Workflow Workers, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Account Executive.