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Payment Schedule Item Data Source


Payment Schedule Item Data Source

Payment Schedules is now generally available. Submit a request at Zuora Global Support if you want to access it.

Use this data source to export payment schedule item data, such as amount, run hour, and scheduled date. Each payment schedule item represents one row in the export.

Data Source

Navigation: Reporting > Data Sources and select Payment Schedule Item as the data source.

Data Source Detail

Base Object Description

Descriptions for the base Zuora object.

Zuora Object Description

Payment Schedule Item

The Payment Schedule Item object includes the following fields:

  • Amount
  • Balance
  • Cancellation Reason
  • Cancelled By ID
  • Cancelled On
  • Created By Id
  • Created Date
  • Currency
  • Description
  • Error Message
  • Gateway
  • ID
  • Number
  • Prepayment
  • Run Hour
  • Scheduled Date
  • Status
  • Updated By Id
  • Updated Date

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