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Revenue Recognition Events Transaction data source


Revenue Recognition Events Transaction data source

Use the revenue recognition events transaction data source to report on information for a given revenue recognition events transaction. See Revenue Recognition Events Transaction for more information about the booking transaction object.

This object is now only available to the tenants with Zuora Billing - Revenue Integration enabled. If you want access to this object, submit a request at Zuora Global Support.

The following objects are available in the data source.

Object Description
Revenue Recognition Events Transaction

Information about the revenue recognition events transaction.

This is the base object for the revenue recognition events transaction Data Source Export. Contains the following fields:

  • Account ID
  • Charge Number
  • Charge Segment
  • Create By ID
  • Created Date
  • DD Adjustment Rev GL ACC Number
  • DD Recognized Rev GL ACC Number
  • Daily Amount
  • Daily Quantity
  • Drawdown Charge Segment
  • Drawdown Original Charge ID
  • Exclude Item Billing From Revenue Accounting
  • Exclude Item Booking From Revenue Accounting
  • Fund End Date
  • Fund ID
  • Fund Start Date
  • ID
  • Original Rate Plan Charge ID
  • Sales Order Line ID
  • Subscription Name
  • Transaction Date
  • Type
  • Unit Price
  • Updated By ID
  • Updated Date
  • Usage Charge Name
  • Usage Charge Number