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Search by Report Name


Search by Report Name

Contact Zuora Global Support to enable this feature in your tenant. This feature is currently in development and is subject to change without advance notice.

The Search by Report Name Reporting API returns a list of reports and their metadata in a JSON array for all matching reports.  Search by Report Name lets you submit a string (without spaces) as a query parameter and any matches to report names, data source names, or report descriptions returns those reports and their metadata. 

Note: Reports are not required to have unique names or descriptions and so this search will typically return many report matches because of matches from multiple fields unless you specify a unique query keyword. 

Optionally you can specify sorting on either the name or the updated_on fields.

The search is automatically limited to the first 50 results. If you want to query for the next 50, you have to set the searchStart parameter to 50 and submit another request to get the next 50 results.


Environment Request
API Sandbox (US Data Center) GET{string}
Production (US Data Center) GET{string}
API Sandbox (EU Data Center) GET{string}
Production (EU Data Center) GET{string}
API Sandbox(US Cloud Data Center) GET{string} 
Production (US Cloud Data Center) GET{string}

Request Parameters




The query parameter value sets the search string used to search through all report names, data source names, and descriptions. The value {string} can be any alpha-numeric string like: MyReport1

  • Search is not case-sensitive.
  • Spaces in the query parameter must be replaced by %20.
  • Words smaller than three letters are excluded from matching.
  • Search results include matches from any position in the word. For example, if the search term is "count", the search results will include words such as "counted", "account", and "accounts".




Sorts the results by name or updated_on value.

The value of the orderBy statement request path parameter must match the following syntax exactly:

[{"field": "updated_on", "ascend": "true"}]

Where the value of field can be either "name" or "updated_on" and the value of ascend is either "true" or "false".




Skips and excludes a specified number of reports from the query.  




Specifies whether to use Search by Report Name with Insights Analysis. Set this parameter to ADVANCED to use Search by Report Name with Insights Analysis.

Contact Zuora Global Support if you would like to use the Reporting API with Insights Analysis.


Simple HTTPS Request

Options are omitted from this example search to get all reports that contain the letter A in either the Report name, Data Source name, or description.  The search will start from row 0 and return a maximum of 50 reports.


HTTPS Request (with options)

GET[{"field": "name", "ascend": "true"}]&searchStart=0

JSON Response

{ "success": true
  "response": [2]
  -0:  {
      "createdBy": "402881e522cf4f9b0122cf5d82860002"
      "updatedBy": "402881e522cf4f9b0122cf5d82860002"
      "createdOn": 1447818864000
      "updatedOn": 1447818864000
      "id": "000000005118ba7f015118baa6b20005"
      "tenantId": "9"
      "deleted": false
      "name": "Accounts with largest outstanding balances"
      "number": "REP0000017"
      "type": "Zuora"
      "datasource": "Account"
      "dsName": "Account"
      "description": "List of accounts with open balances, sorted based on the size of their open balance."
      "definition": "{ "rowFields":[ ], "colFields":[ ], "valFields":[ ], "detailFilters":[ ], "summaryFilters":[ ], "selectedFields":[ { "name":"Name", "id":"Account.Name", "label":"Name", "type":"text", "order":22, "dataSourceName":"Account", "dataSourceLabel":"Account", "dataSourceType":"Account", "searchKey":"Account Name", "sortable":true, "groupable":true, "filterable":true, "custom":false, "sortPriority":-1, "sortDir":"NONE" }, { "name":"Currency", "id":"Account.Currency", "label":"Currency", "type":"text", "order":14, "dataSourceName":"Account", "dataSourceLabel":"Account", "dataSourceType":"Account", "searchKey":"Account Currency", "sortable":true, "groupable":true, "filterable":true, "custom":false, "sortPriority":1, "sortDir":"ASC" }, { "name":"Mrr", "id":"Account.Mrr", "label":"CMRR", "type":"decimal", "order":21, "dataSourceName":"Account", "dataSourceLabel":"Account", "dataSourceType":"Account", "searchKey":"Account CMRR", "sortable":true, "groupable":true, "filterable":true, "custom":false, "sortPriority":-1, "extendedType": "Currency", "relatedField": "Account.Currency", "sortDir":"NONE" }, { "name":"Balance", "id":"Account.Balance", "label":"Account Balance", "type":"decimal", "order":5, "dataSourceName":"Account",             "dataSourceLabel":"Account", "dataSourceType":"Account", "searchKey":"Account Account Balance", "sortable":true, "groupable":true, "filterable":true, "custom":false, "sortPriority":2, "extendedType": "Currency", "relatedField": "Account.Currency", "sortDir":"DESC" }, { "name":"CreditBalance", "id":"Account.CreditBalance", "label":"Credit Balance", "type":"decimal", "order":12, "dataSourceName":"Account", "dataSourceLabel":"Account", "dataSourceType":"Account", "searchKey":"Account Credit Balance", "sortable":true, "groupable":true, "filterable":true, "custom":false, "sortPriority":-1, "extendedType": "Currency", "relatedField": "Account.Currency", "sortDir":"NONE" }, { "name":"TotalInvoiceBalance", "id":"Account.TotalInvoiceBalance", "label":"Total Invoice Balance", "type":"decimal", "order":37, "dataSourceName":"Account", "dataSourceLabel":"Account", "dataSourceType":"Account", "searchKey":"Account Total Invoice Balance", "sortable":true, "groupable":true, "filterable":true, "custom":false, "sortPriority":-1, "extendedType": "Currency", "relatedField": "Account.Currency", "sortDir":"NONE" } ],\"shareAsReadOnly\":false} "
      "version": 1
      "creator": ""
      "updater": ""
      "favorite": false
      "shared": true
      "zuora": true
      "hidden": false
      "selectedFields": [6]
         0:  "Account.TotalInvoiceBalance"
         1:  "Account.Name"
         2:  "Account.Currency"
         3:  "Account.CMRR"
         4:  "Account.CreditBalance"
         5:  "Account.AccountBalance"
 -1: {
      "createdBy": "402892f9423062950142306f2f530002"
      "updatedBy": "402892f9423062950142306f2f530002"
      "createdOn": 1446069701000
      "updatedOn": 1446069701000
      "id": "0000000050aa906a0150b0788af801bc"
      "tenantId": "13"
      "deleted": false
      "name": "Accounts with largest outstanding balances(1)"
      "number": "REP0000261"
      "type": "Common"
      "datasource": "Account"
      "dsName": "Account"
      "description": "List of accounts with open balances, sorted based on the size of their open balance."
      "definition": "{"selectedFields":[{"name":"Name","id":"Account.Name","label":"Name","type":"text","order":22,"dataSourceName":"Account","dataSourceLabel":"Account","dataSourceType":"Account","searchKey":"Account Name","sortDir":"NONE","sortPriority":-1,"sortable":true,"groupable":true,"filterable":true,"custom":false},{"name":"Currency","id":"Account.Currency","label":"Currency","type":"text","order":14,"dataSourceName":"Account","dataSourceLabel":"Account","dataSourceType":"Account","searchKey":"Account Currency","sortDir":"ASC","sortPriority":1,"sortable":true,"groupable":true,"filterable":true,"custom":false},{"name":"Mrr","id":"Account.Mrr","label":"CMRR","type":"decimal","order":21,"dataSourceName":"Account","dataSourceLabel":"Account","dataSourceType":"Account","searchKey":"Account CMRR","sortDir":"NONE","sortPriority":-1,"sortable":true,"groupable":true,"filterable":true,"custom":false},{"name":"Balance","id":"Account.Balance","label":"Account Balance","type":"decimal","order":5,"dataSourceName":"Account","dataSourceLabel":"Account","dataSourceType":"Account","searchKey":"Account Account Balance","sortDir":"DESC","sortPriority":2,"sortable":true,"groupable":true,"filterable":true,"custom":false},{"name":"CreditBalance","id":"Account.CreditBalance","label":"Credit Balance","type":"decimal","order":12,"dataSourceName":"Account","dataSourceLabel":"Account","dataSourceType":"Account","searchKey":"Account Credit Balance","sortDir":"NONE","sortPriority":-1,"sortable":true,"groupable":true,"filterable":true,"custom":false},{"name":"TotalInvoiceBalance","id":"Account.TotalInvoiceBalance","label":"Total Invoice Balance","type":"decimal","order":37,"dataSourceName":"Account","dataSourceLabel":"Account","dataSourceType":"Account","searchKey":"Account Total Invoice Balance","sortDir":"NONE","sortPriority":-1,"sortable":true,"groupable":true,"filterable":true,"custom":false}],"rowFields":[],"colFields":[],"valFields":[],"detailFilters":[],"summaryFilters":[],\"shareAsReadOnly\":false}"
      "version": 1
      "userId": "402892f9423062950142306f2f530002"
      "creator": ""
      "updater": ""
      "favorite": false
      "shared": true
      "zuora": false
      "hidden": false
      "selectedFields": [6]
         0:  "Balance"
         1:  "Currency"
         2:  "Mrr"
         3:  "TotalInvoiceBalance"
         4:  "CreditBalance"
         5:  "Name"

Insights Analysis

To use "Search by Report Name" with Insights Analysis, you must set the namespace query parameter. For example:



"success": true
Not really an exception. Your invocation was correct, but your query string was not found.
Required String parameter 'query' is not present.  "errorCode" : "ZAN-REST-ERROR" Query request parameter must be present to invoke this method.
Token time was {timeStamp}.
"errorCode" : "loginFailed"
Authentication failed.  Check the values of apiAccessKeyId and apiSecretAccessKey.
Unexpected character ('f' (code 102)): was expecting double-quote to start field name\n at [Source:; line: 1, column: 4]",
  "errorCode" : "ZAN-REST-ERROR"
The field path parameter must be enclosed by double-quotes.