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Cancel a Report Run


Cancel a Report Run

Contact Zuora Global Support to enable this feature in your tenant. This feature is currently in development and is subject to change without advance notice.

The Cancel a Report Run Reporting API terminates a report run that is currently in-progress.  

To Cancel a Report Run send a DELETE call with a ReportRunId value in the request path as is shown below.


You can obtain the ReportRunId from the id value in the JSON response to the Run a Report call.  Alternatively, you can get a list of all reports with an "in-progress" status by posting a query like the following:



Request body:

{"columns": "reportId","startedOn","reportType","createdByUserProfile.username","status"," "],"pagination":{"currentPage":1,"pageSize":250},"sort":[{"field":"startedOn","direction":"desc","priority":0}]}

That POST returns a list of reports with a status of in-progress.  The metadata for each report returned includes the ReportRunId expressed as the id value in the JSON response.


Environment Request
API Sandbox (US Data Center) POST{ReportRunId} 
Production (US Data Center) POST{ReportRunId}
API Sandbox (EU Data Center) POST{ReportRunId}
Production (EU Data Center) POST{ReportRunId}
API Sandbox(US Cloud Data Center) POST{ReportRunId} 
Production (US Cloud Data Center) POST{ReportRunId}

Request Path Parameters




The unique identifier for a report run. You can get the ReportRunId from the id value in the JSON response to Run a Report.


HTTPS Request


JSON Response

  "success" : true
  "response" : "The report run has been canceled"


 If the report run was cancelled previously, then the response would be.

"success": true
"response": "The report run was canceled"