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Get Tenant Settings


Get Tenant Settings

Contact Zuora Global Support to enable this feature in your tenant. This feature is currently in development and is subject to change without advance notice.

The Get Tenant Settings Reporting API returns the current tenant settings for allowed email domains for the user making the call. 

Get Tenant Settings can tell you if the tenant is currently restricted to sending scheduled report results to a white list of domains. If no domains are returned then your reporting users may send report results using scheduled reports to any email address recipients.


Environment Request
API Sandbox (US Data Center) GET 
Production (US Data Center) GET
API Sandbox (EU Data Center) GET
Production (EU Data Center) GET
API Sandbox(US Cloud Data Center) GET 
Production (US Cloud Data Center) GET

Request Parameters

There are no request parameters for this call.


HTTPS Request


JSON Response

   "success" : true,
   "response" : {
     "emailDomains" : [ "" ]


Exception Condition
Bad Request The API endpoint is likely malformed.  Check the API URL request name space.