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Data Loader list view


Data Loader list view

A comprehensive summary of all the jobs is available. This summary provides a consolidated overview of the various tasks and processes that have been executed or are currently in progress. The summary view can help you understand the status and progress of each job and gives an overall state of all the jobs within the system.

Data Loader UI


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Refreshes the list to display the jobs with the latest status.


Aborts the excution of a job that is already in progress. This can only happen when the job transitions from ‘SUBMITTED’ to ‘IN PROGRESS.’


Helps to add a new data migration job.


The cancellation process includes removing the job from the backend queue. Note that it is possible to cancel a job while it is in the “SUBMITTED” status.

Settings Data Loader Settings

Data Loader job status

The data migration job has been successfully submitted and is now queued in the backend, ready to be processed.

The data migration job is finished.

In Progress

The data migration process is running