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Print all invoices in a bill run


Print all invoices in a bill run

This tutorial is not valid anymore as the Google Cloud Print task was deprecated.

If you need to print out all invoices in a specific bill run, Workflow can help you automate the printing process and reduce possible errors.

Procedure without Workflow

  1. Find the bill run and export the PDFs of all invoices in this bill run.
  2. Print the invoices one by one. This step is tedious and error-prone.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each applicable bill run. 

Procedure with Workflow

  1. Configure the workflow 'Bill Run Callout - Print Invoices'. You only need to perform this step once.
  2. Run the workflow and enter the bill run ID when prompted. The invoices will be printed out from the configured printers with the pre-configured templates. 
  3. Repeat step 2 for each applicable bill run.

Available templates

Invoicing > Bill Run Callout - Print Invoices

Workflow overview

The workflow consists of three tasks.

  1. Export: This task retrieves data about invoices included in a bill run. A required custom parameter BillingRun.Id is defined for this workflow. When users enter a bill run ID, this task starts the data retrieval based on the ID entered.
  2. Iterate: Iterates unique invoices in the file generated from the export task.
  3. Print: Print invoices using Google Cloud Print. 


  • Workflow setting: If you want to get notified when tasks fail, select Notify on failed tasks and enter the emails.
  • Export task: Select the data fields that you need to display in invoices. 
  • Print task: Add your Google Cloud Print account. You must have printers configured for the account. For details, see