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File: FileOperations


File: FileOperations

You can use the FileOperations task to build the following tasks in a workflow:

  • Zip a file
  • Unzip a file
  • Create a CSV file
  • Create a PDF file
  • Encrypt a file
  • Decrypt a file 
  • Zip multiple files


Select the operation from the Action Type dropdown list, and the available settings for the specified operation are displayed.

Task settings

Zip File

File - Select the file to be zipped from the list.

Unzip File

File - Select the file to be unzipped from the list.

CSV Creation

  • Filename - Specify the name of the CSV file to be created.
  • Column Name - Click the Add button and specify the name of the column(s) for the CSV file.

PDF Creation

  • Filename - Specify the name of the PDF file to be created.
  • Content of PDF file - Enter the binary data content for the PDF file.

Here is an example.


File Encryption

  • File - Select the file to be encrypted from the list.
  • Encrypted Filename - Specify the name of the encrypted file.
  • Public Key - Enter the public key to encrypt the file.
  • You can also specify the following fields to add a signature to the file to be encrypted. The pubic key of the signer will be required to decrypt the file.
    • Signer
    • Signer Passphrase
    • Private Key of the Signer

File Decryption

  • File - Select the file to be decrypted from the list.
  • Decrypted Filename - Specify the name of the decrypted file.
  • Private Key - Enter the private key to decrypt.
  • If a signature is added during file encryption, you need to enter the public key of the signer to decrypt the file.

Zip Multiple Files

  • Regex for input files - Enter a regular expression to define the input files to be compressed. A maximum of 10,000 files can be compressed at a time.
  • Filename of the zipped file - Enter the name of the compressed output file.

The input files could contain files with the same name from previous tasks. When this happens, the files will be renamed following the rules below:
    1. The first file remains its original name.
    2. The successive files are renamed to "task_id__filename".