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Reporting: RunReport


Reporting: RunReport

The RunReport task runs the analytics reports visible to you, and exports the results of report runs. 

To configure this task and run a report, complete the following steps:

  1. Authenticate to this task with your basic credentials. After successful authentication, the task settings are displayed and you are able to access the following reports:
    • Pre-built reports
    • Reports created by you
    • Reports shared with you
  2. In the left file explorer, click a folder containing the report you need to run.
  3. Configure the task settings.
    • View Type: Select to run the report as a detail or a summary report.
    • Use Default Filters: Select to apply the default filters of the objects to the report run. 
    • Pivoted: Use this option to format the summary report results. If this option is selected, the layout of the summary report results is formatted in the same way as the online report displayed in the Zuora UI. If this option is cleared, the summary report is formatted as a flat table. This option does not affect the detail report format.
  4. Select the report to run from the dropdown list above the setting options. The report run results will be displayed below the dropdown selection field.

If you have selected the Ask User Later checkbox in the report's filter, the system will not allow you to select the report and will indicate an error.