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View Invoice PDFs


View Invoice PDFs

After Zuora 360+ synchronizes your invoice and payment data from Zuora to Salesforce, you can view or download from Zuora CPQ, the invoices Zuora generates.

Viewing invoice PDFs are not supported in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The process involves the following steps:

  1. Configure zSchema as described in Import WSDL into Zuora 360+.
  2. Configure the connection settings as described in Configure Zuora 360+ Connection Settings.
  3. Synchronize Accounts and Related Objects from Zuora.
  4. View or download the invoice PDF.
    1. On the Account page, click the invoice number you want to view.
    2. To open the invoice PDF and view it, click View Invoice PDF.
      If you download the PDF from this window, the PDF file is downloaded as download.pdf or document.pdf depending on the browser you use.
    3. To download the invoice PDF, click Invoice PDF.
      The PDF is downloaded in the invoice name, for example, INV00000045_A00000079_01102017.pdf.

Configure the Invoice Page Layout

To edit the Invoice page layout to add the button or the custom link for Invoice PDF:

  1. Navigate to Setup > App Setup > Create > Objects.
  2. Click Invoice
  3. In the Page Layouts section, click the Edit link next to ZInvoice Layout.
  4. Click Buttons to add the buttons.
  5. Alternatively, click Custom Links to add the links to view or download invoice PDFs.
  6. Drag Invoice PDF and View Invoice PDF down to the bottom of the page and drop it into position.
  7. Click Save.