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Overview - Zuora Connectors for Data Warehouses


Overview - Zuora Connectors for Data Warehouses

Provides an overview about the Zuora Connectors for Data Warehouses.

Zuora Connectors for Data Warehouses streamlines the export of Zuora data to various data destinations including data warehouses, relational databases, and cloud object storage services. By facilitating the transfer of Zuora data, these connectors help you meet the diverse data needs of your organization including:

  • Efficient analysis and visualization of subscription billing data
  • In-depth analysis of customer subscription trends
  • Archiving historical invoices and transaction records
  • Quick, ad-hoc financial analysis

Key features of Zuora Connectors for Data Warehouses

  • Daily data sync: Automatically syncs your Zuora data to the selected data destination every 24 hours, ensuring up-to-date data sets at all times.

  • Customizable data export: You can select the Zuora billing object to sync, customizing the data export to suit your analytical needs.

  • Data integrity and security: Utilizes secure data transfer protocols, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of your data throughout the transfer process.

  • One-time setup: A simple, one-time setup of your destination credentials is required, after which the data sync process runs automatically.