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Overview of Zuora Connector for AWS Athena


Overview of Zuora Connector for AWS Athena

Introduces the Zuora Connector for AWS Athena.

Enable your organization to access Zuora data directly through AWS Athena. This integration simplifies the setup process, eliminating common technical hurdles related to data extracts, integrations, and schema updates. Once configured, your data is automatically refreshed daily within AWS Athena, granting your teams immediate access to extensive subscription operational and analytical data from Zuora Billing.

This seamless access enables your teams to swiftly make informed decisions based on valuable insights.

How the Zuora Connector for AWS Athena works

The Zuora Connector for AWS Athena facilitates a direct connection between your Zuora account and your AWS Athena environment. This connection is established through a one-time setup process during which you configure your AWS credentials. Once configured, the connector automates the synchronization of your Zuora data into your specified AWS Athena environment daily.

This integration is tailored to seamlessly integrate with AWS Athena and it enhances your data storage and analytics capabilities within your AWS infrastructure.