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Zuora runs a data quality check on each Zuora business object in your Snowflake account on a daily basis and stores the check logs in the DATA_QUALITY_LOG table. You can use this table to monitor the completeness and accuracy of your Zuora data in Snowflake. Each row in this table represents the result of a data quality check of a specific Zuora business object.

If you want to enable the DATA_QUALITY_LOG table for your tenant, submit a request at Zuora Global Support.


Column name Data type Description
FROM_TIME TIMESTAMP_TZ Beginning date and time of this data quality check.
TO_TIME TIMESTAMP_TZ End date and time of this data quality check.
TENANT_ID VARCHAR ID of your Zuora tenant that the object data being checked belongs to.
STATUS VARCHAR Result of this data quality check:
  • PASS: Data quality check succeeded, indicating the data of a specific object in your Zuora tenant and Snowflake is the same.
  • FAIL: Data quality check failed because of differences between data in your Zuora tenant and Snowflake. For example, count of rows, field values, or checksum.
    If you encounter a check failure, contact your Zuora account representative for more details and solutions.
EVENT_TYPE VARCHAR Type of this event.
The only available value is Snowflake Quality Check.
OBJECT VARCHAR Name of the object being checked.
MESSAGE VARCHAR Details of this data quality check.

Table example

The following is an example of the DATA_QUALITY_LOG table with two successful checks and one failed check:

2023-08-15T00:05:00.981Z,2023-08-16T00:02:34.171Z,33456,PASS,Snowflake Quality Check,Account,
2023-08-15T00:05:00.981Z,2023-08-16T00:02:34.171Z,33456,PASS,Snowflake Quality Check,Contact,
2023-08-15T00:05:00.981Z,2023-08-16T00:02:34.171Z,33456,FAIL,Snowflake Quality Check,InvoiceItem,"Failed quality check; Zuora team alerted"