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Scrubbed Fields in Payment Method Snapshot


Scrubbed Fields in Payment Method Snapshot

The following table lists the scrubbed fields and the values stored after scrubbing in the Payment Method Snapshot business object:

Business Object Field Name Value after Scrubbing Description
creditCardNumber 0000 0000 0000 0000 Credit card number
creditCardMaskNumber Record Scrubbed The mask number of the credit card
creditCardExpirationYear 2000 Credit card expiration year
creditCardExpirationMonth 12 Credit card expiration month
creditCardHolderName Record Scrubbed Name of the credit cardholder
creditCardAddress1 Record Scrubbed Credit card address1
creditCardAddress2 Record Scrubbed Credit card address2
creditCardCity Record Scrubbed Credit card city
creditCardState Record Scrubbed Credit card state
creditCardCountry 0 Credit card country
creditCardPostalCode Record Scrubbed Credit card postal code
name Record Scrubbed Name of the payment method owner


Record Scrubbed BAID of PayPal


Record Scrubbed Billing email of PayPal


Record Scrubbed PayPal Pre-approval Key


0 Bank ABA code for ACH


Record Scrubbed Bank account number for ACH


Record Scrubbed The mask of bank account number for ACH


Record Scrubbed Bank name for ACH


Record Scrubbed Bank account name for ACH


Record Scrubbed For Credit Card Reference Transactions only


Record Scrubbed TokenId - Credit Cards, Credit Card Reference Transactions, ACH, and Bank Transfer use this field, so Zuora scrubs this field for all payment method types.


Record Scrubbed Second Token - Credit Cards, ACH, and Credit Card Reference Transactions use this field, so Zuora scrubs this field for all payment method types.
bankIdentificationNumber 000 Bank Identification number
ipAddress IP address of the device that makes the API request
deviceSessionId Record Scrubbed Device session ID
email Email of the payment method owner
phone 000000000 Phone number of the payment method owner
country 0 Country ID
bankCode Record Scrubbed Bank code
bankName Record Scrubbed Bank name
bankBranchCode 0 Bank branch code
bankCheckDigit 0 Bank check digit
bankAccountNumber 0 Third Token - Only Credit Card Reference Transactions and Bank Transfer use it. So Zuora scrubs this field for these two payment method types.
bankAccountNumberMask Record Scrubbed The mask of the bank account number
bankAccountName Record Scrubbed Account name
bankStreetName Scrubbed Customer bank street aka bank street name
bankStreetNumber Record Scrubbed Customer bank number aka bank street number
bankPostalCode Record Scrubbed Customer bank zip aka bank postal code
bankCity Record Scrubbed Customer bank city, also known as bank city
IBAN Record Scrubbed IBAN
mandateId Record Scrubbed For Bank Transfer only
firstName Record Scrubbed First name of the payment method owner
lastName Record Scrubbed Last name of the payment method owner
streetName Record Scrubbed Street name
streetNumber Record Scrubbed Street number
postalCode Record Scrubbed Postal code
city Record Scrubbed City name
state Record Scrubbed State name
businessIdentificationCode Scrubbed Business Identification code