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Setting Up User Permissions for Reason Codes


Setting Up User Permissions for Reason Codes

Reason codes are a way to include additional information or business process context on payment operations transactions. You can use the codes for automated reporting and ad-hoc look up via the Zuora UI and API.

User Permission Requirements

Any user role that can create a transaction can specify the reason code during that process. In addition, all users can configure the set of reason codes that can be used on payment operations transactions.

However, a separate permission controls whether a user role is permitted to edit the reason code on an existing transaction.  By default, standard users have this Change Reason Code permission. If necessary, administrators can assign this permission to other roles.

Configuring the User Permissions

To configure a user role with the Change Reason Codes permission, an administrator should follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Administration and select Manage User Roles.
  2. In the View Role List of list, select Payments
  3. Either click the name of an existing role, or click Add new role.
    • You must use a custom role or create a new role. You cannot edit the existing Payments Standard User role. 
    • If you clicked Add new role, Zuora opens a new page where you can fill in the Basic Information for the custom role. Enter the Role Name and a Description for the custom role.
  4. Enable the Change Reason Code permission in the Refunds section.
  5. Click save

You can then assign this role as needed to grant users this permission. See Managing Users for instructions about assigning roles to users.