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Sample Code for Payment Pages 2.0


Sample Code for Payment Pages 2.0

Zuora provides the following two versions of Payment Pages 2.0 sample code suites on Zuora GitHub site to help you quickly understand and implement Payment Pages 2.0. Zuora will continuously improve the sample code for Payment Pages 2.0 integration to address new requirements.

  • Payment Pages 2.0 sample code suite - nodejs-express based

    This is the latest version of the sample code suite for Payment Pages 2.0. It is a nodejs-express based sample code suite. On the basis of the previous version, we have included the implementation and exception handling for auto-enablement of Token Expiration and Google reCAPTCHA Enterprise. To show how to refresh the token and signature after the previous token and signature expired, the sample code includes error handling for the Attempt_Exceed_Limitation error code after the enforcement of Token Expiration and reCAPTCHA Enterprise Interactive Test version takes effect. We have also optimized the sample code for Button Outside, Button Inside, and Overlay modes.

    To quickly get a sample hosted payment page up and running by using this sample code suite, see Hosted Payment Page Tutorial.

Zuora Global Support does not troubleshoot content from GitHub. The sample code is as an example of code that has worked for previous implementations and was created by both Zuora and non-Zuora authors. You must customize the sample code for use with your system. Send any comments and feedback to