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Troubleshoot gateway errors for Chase Orbital


Troubleshoot gateway errors for Chase Orbital

Obtain information on gateway errors

There are several ways to obtain information on gateway errors:

  1. Refer to Chase Orbital development center for information on response codes, values, and descriptions.
  2. Look up the transaction by the transaction ID number (in the Zuora payment detail page, this is the Reference ID and Secondary Reference ID numbers) in virtual terminal to see if more information is provided; often you will see more than just the response (reasons) code and response message in Zuora.
  3. If you require additional information, you can contact Chase Orbital Support can be reached at 1-866-645-1314 or

ProcStatus Errors

ProcStatus errors are errors sent by the Chase Orbital gateway to Zuora, these transactions did not pass the gateway validation and thus were rejected by Chase Orbital. Such transactions do not get sent to the payment processor nor card issuing banks. Chase Orbital will return an error to Zuora with a definition of the error so that action can be taken by the customer (for example, fix the data provided for the payment method or use a different payment method).

ProcStatus:20412 - Precondition Failed: Security Information is missing. Error processing transaction.

If you attempt to process test or production transactions in Zuora or create a new payment method, the following error may occur if your merchant IDs have not been linked to Zuora's SID: "ProcStatus:20412 - Precondition Failed: Security Information is missing. Error processing transaction."  If this error occurs, contact Chase Orbital to ensure both your test and production accounts are properly linked.

ProcStatus Errors #839, 840, and 841 have to do with an invalid credit card account number.

These errors refer to "PAN" which stands for Primary Account Number (the credit card number). When the end customer encounters these errors, it is recommended that the user re-enter their credit card account information. Here are some specific PAN errors: 

  • 839 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_PAN_LUHN Fix = Typically associated with a transaction where an account that does not pass our BIN/MOD10 check.

This error is typically associated with a transaction where an account does not pass Chase Orbital's BIN/MOD10 validation of the credit card number. BIN stands for Bank Identification Number and MOD10 refers to the checksum formula used to validate the credit card number.

Chase Orbital will validate the BIN by checking the first six or eight digits of the credit card number, which are also known as the Issuer Identification Number (IIN). The BIN identifies the card issuing financial institution (for example Visa or MasterCard), and is used to route transactions to the appropriate card issuing banks for approval and settlement. 

The MOD 10 check-digit routine distinguishes whether a credit card number is valid by using an algorithm to compute the last digit of a credit card number based on a calculation of all the digits preceding the last number on a credit card. Refer to (search for MOD 10 check-digit routine) for an example of how the MOD 10 check-digit routine is performed on a credit card number.


This error is typically associated with a transaction where no credit card number is submitted to the gateway or the credit card number is invalid (for example, contains invalid characters or does not fall within a valid BIN Range). As mentioned above, the BIN is the first six or eight numbers of a credit card that identifies the credit card type (for example: Visa or Mastercard), and the bin range is the range of numbers applicable to the credit card as designed by the card issuing bank. 

Make Sure You Are Not Re-Trying an Invalid Card Too Many Times

We recommend that you check the payment in Zuora to see how many times the same payment method has been re-tried for payment and failed. If there have been several retries, check the error messages from the beginning with the first failure and the more recent failures to determine if the error message is the same. If a merchant tries to process a payment against the same credit card too many times despite receiving errors, this could trigger warnings to the card issuing bank. The card issuing bank may place an alert on the account and not allow any further transactions from the merchant using that payment method. When a merchant has been flagged, the error received on the payment may not state the reason why, instead it might be a generic error decline error. In this case, the merchant (Zuora customer) should work with Chase Orbital Support to see if they can identify the problem with the payment method. If the processor does not know, then the merchant and/or the cardholder can try calling their card issuing bank to look into the issue.