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Credit card reference transactions on First Data Payeezy gateway integration


Credit card reference transactions on First Data Payeezy gateway integration

Credit Card Reference (CCRef) transactions are payment transactions that utilize a transaction ID from a previously authorized transaction to process a subsequent payment. The transaction ID is a token that replaces sensitive payment method information (for example, a credit card or a bank account number) so the transaction ID/token is stored in Zuora as the payment method in place of sensitive card data or bank account information.

To use the CCRef payment method, contact Zuora Global Support to enable the CCRef for your tenant.

Use existing tokens

Only the existing First Data Payeezy tokens are currently supported as a Credit Card Reference Transaction payment method type. Generating tokens in Zuora is not supported. If you already have tokens, in order to make payments using these tokens, perform the following steps.

  1. Deselect the Verify new payment method checkbox in your gateway instance configuration, 
  2. Create new CCRef payment methods by configuring the following fields:
    • TokenId
    • AccountId
    • CreditCardHolderName
    • CreditCardType
    • CreditCardNumber
    • UseDefaultRetryRule
    • CreditCardExpirationMonth
    • CreditCardExpirationYear
    • Type

When performing payments, Zuora will send all the preceding fields to the First Data Payeezy gateway. 

Multi-Pay Tokens

First Data's Multi-Pay Tokens feature adds the ability to perform an authorized financial transaction within the merchant environment. The merchant submits a token that it already has on file for a specific consumer/card to First Data who accesses the vault to retrieve the PAN and completes the transaction. By using this type of token in the payment authorization process, the merchant reduces the risk of having the real PAN stolen as it is being collected from the consumer or stored by the merchant.

First Data's TransArmour product and Multi-Pay tokens must be configured for your merchant account before you can process CCRef payments. Contact your First Data Relationship Manager to enable TransArmour for your merchant account.