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Set up and configure a PayPal Commerce Platform gateway instance


Set up and configure a PayPal Commerce Platform gateway instance

Set up and configure a PayPal Commerce Platform payment gateway instance by using the information in this article, including prerequisites, configuration procedure, descriptions of the configuration fields, and reference for testing the payment gateway.


  • Before processing payments with Zuora, you must onboard with PayPal’s new Commerce platform to establish a Business type of merchant account and include your primary email address in your PayPal merchant account. The ID associated with that merchant account is required to transact through Zuora. Note that the ID must belong to a PayPal Business account. Personal account types will cause failed transactions.
  • For customers who want to process payments with PayPal in Australia, please contact your PayPal representative about any required agreements with PayPal Australia. Zuora is not an agent or representative of PayPal or PayPal Australia. Any contacts or required contracts must be handled through PayPal Australia.
  • Enable the PayPal Commerce Platform payment gateway integration for your tenant. See Enable payment gateway integrations for your tenant for instructions.


Perform the following steps to set up and configure a PayPal Commerce Platform gateway instance in Zuora:

  1. Click your username in the upper right and navigate to Settings > Payments > Setup Payment Gateway
  2. On the Configure Gateway Instance tab, select PayPal Commerce Platform from the Gateway Type drop-down list.
  3. Click Create Gateway.
  4. On the gateway settings page, specify values for the configuration fields. See below for more information on the fields.
  5. Click Save Gateway Information.

Configuration fields 

Common configuration fields

There are some common fields you must configure for every gateway instance. See Setting Up Payment Gateways for information about the following common configuration fields and complete the configuration:

  • Name
  • Use Gateway Test Environment

Additional configuration fields

In addition to the common fields, the following fields are specific to the configuration of the PayPal Commerce Platform integration:

  • Merchant ID: Select the merchant ID that was created to access the PayPal Commerce Platform gateway. To create a new merchant ID or view all available IDs, you can navigate to Settings > Payments > Gateway Authentication. For more information about how to create a merchant ID for PayPal Commerce Platform in Zuora, see Payment Gateway Authentication.
  • Verify new PayPal Commerce payment method: If this option is selected,  the Billing Agreement ID (BAID) is validated with the gateway when the payment method record is created in Zuora. This option is enabled by default to avoid storing invalid payment methods in Zuora.

Test the configuration 

We recommend that you test your payment gateway using both your payment gateway's test and production (live) environments.  Once you have completed testing in the gateway's test environment, it is recommended that you perform a test in your live production environment with a real PayPal wallet. If there are any differences in the configuration of your testing and production accounts, testing in production ensures your production merchant account is set up properly and can successfully connect to the production environment.

To perform your test, create an account in PayPal Sandbox and then generate test card data in your PayPal Sandbox account by using the Credit card generator. For more information about managing your BAIDs, see PayPal Developer documentation.