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Overview of PayPal Commerce Platform gateway integration


Overview of PayPal Commerce Platform gateway integration

Supported features

The following table provides a quick reference for the supported features. For details about each feature, see the later sections in this article.

Supported payment methods

PayPal E-Wallet 

You can create PayPal E-Wallet payment methods through the Zuora UI and REST APIs. Payment Pages 2.0 are not supported for creating PayPal E-Wallet for now.

Supported payment operations

Payment, Referenced Refund

Support 3D Secure 2.0 No
Support Delayed Capture Yes
Support Level 2 and Level 3 card data No
Support stored credential transactions No
Support Gateway Options fields No
PayPal API version PayPal Commerce Platform API
Support Gateway Reconciliation No
Support Payment Method Updater No

Support for Delayed Capture

The Delayed Capture feature allows you to authorize the availability of funds for a transaction but delay the capture of funds until a later time. The PayPal Commerce Platform integration supports Delayed Capture for PayPal payment methods. For how to use the Delayed Capture feature, see Payment Authorization in Zuora API Reference.


  • Only Billing Agreement IDs (BAIDs) generated through PayPal’s REST APIs are compatible with Zuora’s PayPal Commerce Platform integration.
  • Migration of existing payment methods on the following PayPal integrations to the PayPal Commerce integration is not supported:
    • PayPal Express Checkout Gateway
    • PayPal Payflow Payment Gateway
    • PayPal Payflow Pro, Website Payments Payflow Edition, Website Pro Payment Gateway
    • PayPal Adaptive Payments Gateway
  • L2/3 Card Processing is not supported by the PayPal Commerce gateway.