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Overview of Planet payment gateway integration


Overview of Planet payment gateway integration

This payment gateway integration can be requested through the Specialized Payment Connections service at an additional cost.

Zuora integrates with the Planet Datatrans API, supporting a gateway integration known as Planet for processing Credit Card transactions.

Supported features

The following table provides a quick reference for the supported features.

Supported payment methods Credit Card/Debit Card/Gift Card
Supported payment operations
  • Payment method validation 
    Note: Authorization amount is not utilized in payment method validation.
  • Payment
  • Payment cancel (void)
  • Referenced refund
Support 3D Secure 2.0 No
Support Delayed Capture Yes
Support Level 2 and Level 3 card data No
Support stored credential transactions No
Support Gateway Options fields No
Gateway provider’s API version V1
Gateway provider’s production endpoint used for Zuora gateway integration service

Support Batch Gateway Reconciliation No
Support Real-Time Reconciliation No
Support Payment Method Updater No
Support idempotency for retrying a transaction request automatically Yes (in payment and reference refund transactions)

Supported payment methods

The Planet payment gateway integration supports Credit Card payment methods. You can create Credit Card payment methods by using REST API operations. For more information, see Create payment methods on Planet.

For more information about the supported card brands and currencies, see the following Datatrans documentation:

Support for Delayed Capture

The Delayed Capture feature allows you to authorize the availability of funds for a transaction but delay the capture of funds until a later time. The Planet payment gateway integration supports Delayed Capture for Credit Card payment methods, which involves the use of the following API operations:

Zuora also supports capturing authorizations that were generated externally by using Zuora's Create authorization API operation.


  • Non-referenced refund is not supported.
  • 3D Secure is not supported.
  • Zuora’s Hosted Payment Page feature is not supported.
  • Creating Credit Card payment methods through the Zuora UI is not supported.