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Overview of Qvalent Quick gateway integration


Overview of Qvalent Quick gateway integration

Qvalent Quick Gateway provides payment gateway services that provide online credit card payment processing. This gateway is pre-integrated with Zuora and is both easy to configure and use. 

Customers domiciled in Australia and New Zealand can use the Qvalent QuickGateway to process credit card transactions. Qvalent Quick Gateway supports Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards.

This gateway requires adding Zuora EU or US Cloud Data Center IP addresses to the whitelist for each of your gateway merchant accounts, depending on which data center that your tenant is located at. Therefore, before start using this gateway on Zuora EU or US Cloud Data Center, you must contact with the gateway to add Zuora EU or US Clould Data Center IP addresses to the gateway's whitelist for both the Sandbox and Production environments so that both environments can work properly.
For more information about the Zuora EU or US Cloud Data Center IP addresses, see Outbound IP Addresses Whitelisting.

Supported features

The following table provides a quick reference for the supported features. For details about each feature, see the later sections in this article.

Supported payment methods Credit Card/Prepaid Card/Gift Card, Debit Card
Support 3D Secure 2.0 No
Support Delayed Capture No
Support Level 2 and Level 3 card data No
Support stored credential transactions No
Support Gateway Options fields Yes
Qvalent Quick gateway's production endpoint used for Zuora gateway integration service
Support Gateway Reconciliation No
Support Payment Method Updater No

Supported payment methods

  • Credit Card/Prepaid Card/Gift Card, including:
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
  • Debit Cards

For more information about setting up payment methods in Zuora, see Define and set up payment methods.

Supported Gateway Option fields 

You can submit additional information to Qvalent QuickGateway using gateway options. Refer to your gateway documentation to see all supported Gateway Options fields. These fields can be used in Payment Pages 2.0 or the following REST API:


  • Qvalent QuickGateway supports two currencies: AUD and NZD. If you want to accept NZD transactions, you must contact your Westpac relationship manager and begin the application for the merchant ID. Qvalent QuickGateway will provide details on how to certify NZD. Certification is not required to process AUD.
  • Qvalent QuickGateway does not support the Soft Descriptor field. 
  • If you send customer.orderNumber via GatewayOptions through the Zuora API, you must ensure that your application prevents duplicate payments. Zuora and QuickGateway do not check to make sure that you have not sent a duplicate customer.orderNumber.
    • If you do not send the customer.orderNumber, Zuora will generate a 32-character random alphanumeric value to Qvalent QuickGateway. This can help prevent duplication.