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Release event


Release event

After the event data is uploaded to RevPro successfully, the event process must be started for RevPro to perform revenue or cost release 


Perform the following steps to start the event processing:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Schedule Jobs.

  2. On the Schedule Jobs page, click the Schedule Job/Job Groups icon icon-add.png to schedule or run the event process. The Schedule Job/Job Groups window is displayed.

  3. In the Schedule Program tab, select RevPro3.0 Event Process for the Program Name field.

  4. Specify the start date and time in the Start Date field.

  5. (Optional): For the process to run at certain intervals, specify the values in the Recurring Setup section.

  6. (Optional): Complete other optional fields in the Schedule Program tab. 

  7. Click the Program Parameter tab to specify the mandatory parameter value for the process. For example, select the event type that you want RevPro to process for the EVENT NAME parameter.

  8. Click Submit Job in the Program Parameters tab.


After the event process completes, RevPro can take appropriate actions against the revenue or cost based on the processed events.