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Zuora Revenue Release Notes


Zuora Revenue Release Notes

This article provides a summary of new features, enhancements, resolved issues and documentation updates in Zuora Revenue version

New features and enhancements

The following new features and enhancements are available in this release. 

Updated Period ID is available in Booking Report     

A new standard layout is provided for the Booking Report to include the Updated Period ID field. The Updated Period ID field can also be used as a filter. By using this new field and the Created Period ID field, it will be easy to distinguish upsells from that of the new bookings for the period.

Enhanced multi-currency indicators for allocation eligible lines

Previously, if a multi-currency revenue contract has both allocation eligible lines and ineligible lines, the header in the workbench shows this revenue contract as multi-currency and the allocation happens in the common currency of the all the lines (the lines with CV_Eligible_Flag being Y and N).

From this release, the header in the workbench will show the revenue contract as multi-currency. However, the allocation will happen in the common currency of only the allocation eligible lines (CV_Eligible_Flag being Y).

Ability to trace back to SO lines from MJE lines

Previously, there was no link between the original SO lines and the MJE lines that are created based on the LT/ST schedules.

From this release, when MJE lines are created based on the LT/ST schedules, the RC Line ID gets populated for the JE Line ID. Therefore, it is possible to trace back to the original SO line for each JE line that is created.

Issues resolved in this release

Refer to the attached CSV file to get a list of all issues that have been resolved in this release.