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RevenueContractVCFacts object


RevenueContractVCFacts object

The RevenueContractVCFacts object holds the details of the variable consideration transaction fact which includes both standard VC and custom defined VC that is configured in the system.

Unique identifiers

The following fields on the RevenueContractVCFacts object can be used as unique identifiers to distinguish different RevenueContractVCFacts objects.


Unique identifier assigned to the revenue contract line record that shall not be updated by any other means and assigned by the RevPro application.


Unique identifier of the revenue price adjustment line.


Unique identifier of the Revenue Contract.


Unique Identifier of the Revenue Book to which the cost line is associated.


Unique identifier in which the value drives all the data security in this field. It acts as a security attribute that restricts data access.


Unique identifier assigned by the RevPro which will not be updated by any other means.

Joining objects and expressions

The following table lists the objects that are joined with the RevenueContractVCFacts object and the joining expression to be used.

Joining objects Joining expressions

RevenuePriceAdjLineID = RevenuePriceAdjLineID