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Reconcile CCV reports


Reconcile CCV reports

After both the Zuora Billing CCV report and Zuora Revenue's Run Rate Plan Charge Booking report are generated, you can reconcile two reports to identify discrepancies.

Reconcile CCV reports

Take the following steps to reconcile two reports:

  1. Use Charge Last Updated Date as the filter criteria in both reports. 
  2. Pivot the transactions:
    1. Include the latest subscription version for both reports.
    2. Include only Sales Order lines from Zuora Revenue transactions.
    3. Exclude discount charges from Zuora Revenue transactions.
    4. Exclude RC lines and RC Staging lines. 
  3. Reconcile Zuora Billing CCV Report against Rate Plan Charge Booking Report using the entry count, CCV amount, ELP amount, and Quantity. See the "Data points for reconciliation" section below for more information.

Data points for reconciliation

With two reports, you can perform the data reconciliation process between Zuora Billing and Zuora Revenue. The following table lists the key data points between two reports:

Zuora Billing CCV Report Rate Plan Charge Booking Report
Account Name Customer Name
Account Number Customer Number
Charge Contractual Value Ext Sell Price
ELP Ext List Price
Subscription Version Creation Date Subscription Version Creation Date
Charge Quantity Ordered Qty
Charge Number Sales order number
Original Charge ID Original Charge ID
Charge Segment Charge Segment
Subscription Name Subscription Name
Subscription version Subscription version
Last Update Date  Charge last updated date
Org Charge Segment Org Charge Segment