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FAQs - Zuora OneID for Revenue


FAQs - Zuora OneID for Revenue


The following questions are frequently asked about the Zuora OneID for Revenue:

Q: Will Zuora migrate all users of the tenant to Zuora OneID?

A: Yes, Zuora will migrate all users of a tenant to Zuora OneID together. 

Q: How do I know if my tenant is successfully onboarded to Zuora OneID?

A: After we have onboarded your Zuora Revenue tenant to Zuora OneID, users of the tenant will receive an email notification with the new Zuora OneID account and activation link.

Q: How can I log in the current way after migration to Zuora OneID?

A: You can no longer access the current link. You will be required to use the new link and log in using the Zuora OneID. 

Q: How can I roll back after I have migrated to Zuora OneID?

A: After a Revenue tenant is onboarded to Zuora OneID, you cannot roll back/revert the Zuora OneID.

Q: Is it recommended that Zuora Billing-Revenue Integrated accounts be migrated to Zuora OneID?

A: Zuora strongly recommends you to migrate Zuora Billing-Revenue Integrated accounts to Zuora OneID.

Q: I am an API user, how do I migrate my account?

A: Zuora's OneID does not support the migration of an API user. Continue using your account the same way.