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Cancelling Bill Runs


Cancelling Bill Runs

Cancelling a bill run prevents payments from being collected for the invoices created in your bill run. You can cancel a bill run that is completed and that has no posted invoices in it. You can also cancel a pending bill run. You can still view a cancelled bill run. Once a bill run is posted, you will not be able to cancel it. After cancelling a bill run, you can delete it.

If you have the Invoice Settlement feature enabled, when you cancel a bill run, all the bill run associated credit memos are also cancelled. 

Cancel an Ad Hoc Bill Run

This permission is enabled by default. When disabled, you can only view and download bill and payment runs. An error message is returned if you try to perform actions for which you do not have permission. You must contact your tenant administrator to request a change to your user permissions.

To cancel an ad hoc bill run that has a status of Completed:

  1. Find the completed bill run that you want to cancel, located under Billing.
  2. Select the individual bill run and double-check to make sure these are the correct accounts.
  3. Click cancel this bill run, located in the upper-right corner.

Cancel bill run

Cancel a Scheduled Bill Run

To cancel a scheduled bill run that has a status of Pending:

  1. Find the scheduled bill run that you want to cancel, located under Billing. This bill run will be in Pending status because it is scheduled to run in the future.
  2. Click Cancel. A dialog appears, prompting you to cancel the current bill run or all recurring bill runs.
  3. Select cancel all recurring Bill Runs.
  4. When prompted, click yes.

If you select cancel the current Bill Run, it will cancel the current bill run and immediately schedule the next recurring bill run. If you select cancel all recurring Bill Runs, it will cancel all future recurrences the scheduled bill run.