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Ingenico ePayments GlobalCollect


Ingenico ePayments GlobalCollect

Ingenico ePayments is a premier payment services provider with vast experience in international payment processing and an extensive worldwide banking network. Zuora partners with Ingenico ePayments to deliver a payment gateway integration (“the GlobalCollect platform integration”) that supports both credit card payment processing as well as direct debit payment processing. Direct debit is a highly popular payment method in many countries and allows merchants to withdraw money directly from a customer’s bank account.

This gateway requires adding Zuora EU or US Cloud Data Center IP addresses to the whitelist for each of your gateway merchant accounts, depending on which data center that your tenant is located at. Therefore, before start using this gateway on Zuora EU or US Cloud Data Center, you must contact with the gateway to add Zuora EU or US Clould Data Center IP addresses to the gateway's whitelist for both the Sandbox and Production environments so that both environments can work properly.
For more information about the Zuora EU or US Cloud Data Center IP addresses, see Outbound IP Addresses Whitelisting.

Supported Functionality

The Ingenico ePayments integration supports the following functionality:

  • Payment Method Verification: Authorizing an electronic payment method (for example, credit card, direct debit, or PayPal)
  • Sale: Creating a payment
  • Void Sale: Voiding a payment
  • Refund: Creating a refund

Supported Payment Methods

The Ingenico ePayments integration supports the following payment methods: 

Credit Cards

The Ingenico ePayments integration supports the following credit cards:

  • American Express
  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • Visa

With the integration, Zuora only supports credit card processing as non-recurring payment transactions in Ingenico ePayments. This means that payments can still be processed in Zuora on a recurring basis, however, Zuora does not currently "mark" those payments as a recurring transaction when passing the transaction to Ingenico ePayments.

  • Non-Recurring Transaction: With non-recurring transactions, every payment transaction creates a unique order.
  • Recurring Transactions: With recurring transactions, when the first order is created a flag called "recurring" along with sttindicator (only for credit cards) are set. Once these are set (with the first order), all future payment transactions will reference the first order in order to process the subsequent payment transactions.

Direct Debit

The Ingenico ePayments integration supports direct debit for the following countries:

  • Switzerland 
  • United Kingdom

See Direct Debit for Ingenico ePayments for detailed information about using direct debit with Ingenico ePayments. 

Prepaid Cards and Gift Cards

The Ingenico ePayments integration supports the following prepaid cards and gift cards:

  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Visa

Debit Cards

The Ingenico ePayments integration supports the following direct debit cards:

  • MasterCard Debit
  • Visa Debit