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Configure promotion codes


Configure promotion codes


Ensure that the Promotion Codes app is available under Marketplace in the left navigation panel of Zuora. See Install an App for more information.

Configure a campaign

Take the following steps to create a campaign in Promo Codes:

  1. Launch Promotion Codes from your Zuora tenant.
  2. In the Campaigns tab, select Actions > New Campaign to create a campaign. The New Campaign dialog is displayed.
  3. Enter the name for the new campaign in the Name field. This campaign will be the parent campaign, and can contain multiple child campaigns that use different types of promotion codes.
  4. Click Create to save the campaign. After the campaign is successfully created, the homepage of this campaign is displayed.
  5. (Optional) Create custom fields that will be stored at the campaign level. See Configure custom fields to learn more about the custom field hierarchy of the Promo Codes app.

After the campaign is created, you can create child campaigns that hold different types of promotion codes.

Alternatively, if you want to create a campaign via API, you can use the "Create a Campaign" operation listed in Swagger API Docs. The URL and credentials required to make requests are provided in the API Docs tab.

Configure a child campaign

Take the following steps to complete the configuration of a child campaign:

  1. In the parent campaign's homepage, scroll to the bottom and select Actions > New Promo Code to create a new promotion. The New Promo dialog is displayed.
  2. Set up a child campaign.
    1. Complete promotion details 
    2. Identify eligible rate plans
    3. Configure discount rate plans
    4. Add child campaign custom fields
  3. Click Create to save the configuration.

Alternatively, if you want to create multiple multi-use codes via API, you can use the "Create a Multi multi-use code campaign" operation listed in Swagger API Docs. The URL and credentials required to make requests are provided in the API Docs tab. 

Complete promotion details

  1. In the Promo Details tab, complete the following fields:
    • Effective From - Activation date of the child campaign.
    • Effective To - Expiration date of the child campaign.
    • Child Campaign - The name of the child campaign that consists of a group of promotion codes.
    • Code Type - Determines if the code will be “1 multi-use code”, “many single-use codes”, or "Many multi-use codes".
      • 1 multi-use code - A single code specific for one promotion, but can be used by multiple customers. 
      • Many single-use codes - Numerous codes generated for one promotion. Each code is specific to one customer.
      • Many multi-use codes - Numerous codes generated for one promotion. Each code can be used by multiple customers.
  2. If you select 1 multi-use code for the Code Type field, complete the following fields: 
    • Initial Quantity - The amount of the codes that are initially issued. The value of this field cannot be changed after the initial configuration.
    • Available Quantity - The amount of the remaining codes that can be redeemed. 
    • Code - Identify code value to be linked to the child campaign and will be utilized by customers
  3. If you select Many single-use codes or Many multi-use codes for the Code Type field, complete the following fields: 
    • Prefix - Characters or numbers that are placed before the app generated code.
    • Suffix - Characters or numbers that are placed after the app generated code.
    • # Auto-generated Characters - The number of characters for each generated code.
    • # Codes to Generate - The amount of the generated codes. An error message will be prompted if the number of auto-generated characters is insufficient to support the number of codes to be generated.
    • Redemptions per code - The number of times each code can be used. This field is available for Many multi-use codes.  

Identify eligible rate plans

  1. Click the Eligible Rate Plans tab. 
  2. Select the rate plans where the promotion code campaign can be applied:
    • Apply to All - All active rate plans in your Zuora tenant can use the promotion code(s).
    • Apply to Select - Select the desired rate plan(s) in your Zuora tenant that can use the promotion code(s).
  3. If you click the Apply to Select button, you must select the desired rate plans in the dropdown list next to this button and click Add RatePlan. The selected rate plans are then added to the table. You can add multiple rate plans.
    Eligible Rate Plans

Configure discount rate plans

  1. Click the Discount Rate Plans to Add tab.
  2. Select a discount type. 
    • None - No discount will be applied to the selected rate plans.
    • Percent Discount Rate Plan - A percentage-based discount rate plan.
    • Fixed Amount Discount Rate Plan - A fixed amount discount rate plan.
  3. In the Product - RatePlan dropdown list, select the desired discount rate plan. Only the active product rate plans that contain only one discount charge of the selected discount type will be displayed. The information of the selected rate plan will be automatically populated as default.
  4. (Optional) Override the default information for the following fields:
    • Discount Percentage or Discount Amount - The discount percentage for percent discount rate plans or the discount amount for fixed amount discount rate plans
    • End Date - The end date for the promotion code.
    • Billing Period - The invoice billing period.

Add custom fields for child campaigns

  1. Click the Custom Fields tab.
  2. Click Add Field to add new key-value fields.
  3. Enter the key-value pair in the corresponding field. For example, enter country in the key field and United States as its value.
  4. Select the Require on Validate check box if you want to enable the additional validation for each promotion code. The validate API will require the key-value pair if the Require on Validate check box is selected. 
    Note that multiple fields can be added.

After multiple single-use promotion codes are generated, you need to assign these codes to different customers by updating the custom fields of the codes. If you want to assign single-use codes or update custom fields after the codes have been generated, you need to export the single-use codes, modify the CSV file locally, and then upload the file into the Promotion Codes app. See Assign Single-Use Codes for more information.


To help you better understand how a campaign is configured, an example of the campaign configuration is provided. See Example of campaign configuration for more information.

What to do next

After campaigns and child campaigns are set up, you can export and assign generated promotion codes, or update the existing configuration. See Mange promotion codes for more information.