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Technical Account Manager Services


Technical Account Manager Services

The Technical Account Manager Services described below are in addition to the support and implementation services provided under, and subject to, Customer's master subscription agreement. Unless stated otherwise below, all Technical Account Manager Services will be provided remotely during local business hours. Zuora will provide the Customer with Technical Account Manager Services at the applicable tier level, as specified on the applicable Order Form.

1  Technical Account Manager Services Overview

TAM tier Total TAM Service Hours per week Technical deployment guidance System Performance Review Technical architecture documentation maintenance New feature & roadmap review Event Support
Advanced 5 Weekly / ongoing Annually Annually Semi-annually N/A
Elite 10 Weekly / ongoing Semi-annually Annually Semi-annually N/A
Pro 15 Weekly / ongoing Semi-annually Annually Semi-annually Up to 4 per year

2  Technical Account Manager Services Description

Zuora will assign one Solution Architect, or Technical Account Manager ("TAM"), to provide Customer with technical advisory management support services. The TAM will serve as the continuous Zuora technical advisory presence for Customer and will recommend Zuora best practices as applicable to Customer's deployment of the Zuora Services.

2.1  Technical Deployment Guidance

The TAM will provide technical deployment guidance for the Customer's deployment of the Zuora Service including: 

  • Zuora Service configuration recommendations
  • Zuora Service design recommendations
  • Advisory on Zuora Service features and application to Customer’s deployment
  • Advisory on opportunities to adopt Zuora Service deployment and business process best practices
  • Phasing & planning recommendations
  • General consulting on how to maintain and adjust the Customer’s Zuora Service deployment
  • Guidance with configuration, deployment, and design for new customer business initiatives

2.2  System Performance Review

The TAM will execute a System Performance Review for the Customer's deployment of the Zuora Service including a review of the deployment health. The TAM will provide a readout of the review, including recommendations to the Customer. The TAM will advise the Customer on how to proceed with the recommendations. The frequency of System Performance Reviews is dependent on the TAM tier level as specified on the applicable Order Form.

2.3  Technical Architecture Documentation Maintenance

The TAM will maintain the documentation of the Customer's Zuora Service ecosystem architecture.The TAM will update the documentation once per year of the Zuora Service architecture to align with changes in the Customer's deployment of the Zuora Service. 

2.4  New feature & roadmap review

The TAM will review applicable Zuora Service features semi-annually with the Customer. The TAM will review opportunities to adopt Zuora Service features that align with the Customer's overall roadmap and business initiatives. The TAM will advise the Customer on opportunities to standardize the Zuora Service deployment and expand Customer use case support through new Zuora Service feature adoption. The TAM will advise the customer on new Zuora Service feature adoption and rollout planning support.

2.5  Event Support

Event support is only in scope for the TAM Pro tier. The TAM will work with the Customer to identify key events that may require additional technical architecture advisory support, such as the rollout of a business initiative or close activities. Key event support is limited to one (1) per calendar quarter for up to twenty (20) hours per event. Key event hours count against Customer's weekly allotment of hours based on their selected tier. If no Key events are identified in any particular calendar quarter, Customer may request that Zuora alternatively use these hours to provide Customer with general technical architecture advisory services in that applicable quarter.

Customer Obligations: Zuora's provision of a TAM is conditioned on Customer: (1) providing Zuora with all information reasonably requested by Zuora from time to time relating to Customer's use of Zuora Services, including information on Customer's hardware, network, systems, and any related third-party materials used in connection with the Zuora Service; (2) cooperating with the TAM to structure regular Checkpoint Meetings to discuss the TAM services topics and check in on progress at mutually agreeable times; and (3) coordinating TAM activities with the broader Customer team.

Assumptions and Exclusions: All TAM services will be provided remotely via scheduled conference call meetings and email Q&A. Customer will receive the number of TAM service hours per week included in their selected TAM tier as specified above (weekly schedule during local business hours to be agreed by the parties); reasonable preparation and follow-up time count towards TAM service hours. Unused hours of the TAM's services will not be credited to subsequent months and are non-refundable. TAM services are advisory in nature and expressly exclude implementation, software development, customization development, code-level API support, data migration or similar services of a professional services nature.