Configurable Summary Level GL Interface

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Configurable Summary Level GL Interface

The process of formatting financial data from Zuora to fit the required format of your general ledger can be time consuming and error-prone. The Configurable Summary Level GL Interface app (hereafter referred to as GL Interface) from Zuora offers you an automated solution to this problem.

This app exports summary-level data from Zuora in the format that you specify to files based on a schedule or as needed. The files can be downloaded or uploaded to an SFTP server for further processing. If you use the NetSuite General Ledger, you can configure the app to automatically push data to NetSuite based on a schedule or as required.


  • One-time mapping of Zuora Journal Entry headers to your general ledger for file upload
  • Perform summary runs on demand
  • Stay on top of key events in the application's execution cycle with automated notifications

  • Rest assured that the interface will pick up and transfer any transactions in a prior period


To learn about how to install this Marketplace app, see Install the Configurable Summary Level GL Interface


You need to configure the settings of the app before using it. See Configure Settings for the GL Interface for details.

Use the App

A summary run is one execution of the data exporting and pushing process in the app.

Create a schedule to have the summary runs performed automatically. See Create a Schedule of Summary Runs for details.

You can start a summary run manually in the case of missed runs or errors. See Start a Summary Run Manually for details.

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