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Error logging and Troubleshooting SFDC CPQ connector


Error logging and Troubleshooting SFDC CPQ connector

Error Handling

The SFDC CPQ connector and Zuora integration can detect and manage the below-mentioned errors.

  • Local or Global Error Handlers.
  • Leverage other connectors in the ecosystem for integration.
  • Logs sent to Zuora and available in System Health Dashboard.


The Zuora Platform system health dashboard allows SFCD CPQ connector customers to view both successful and failed sync logs.

To achieve the maximum capability,

  • The connector logs should be available via platform here : ../platform/telemetry/data-connector-hub
  • Logs should be available with DEBUG level information
  • Customers should be able to see the logs at task level and in case of error view and download the details.


You can contact Zuora Global Support by submitting a support request at