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Baseline and compare processes


Baseline and compare processes

You can baseline your business processes and maintain multiple versions to compare your current baseline performance with past versions. The baselining capability of ProcessAI enables you to compare your processes with benchmarks and update it continuously as your business grows across geographies and with new subscription business models.

Key concepts

Ensure that you understand the following concept documented in Basic concepts of Zuora ProcessAI:

  • Process baselining

Compare processes

Navigation: After you land on the Process AI main page, select the Comparison option in the top left pane and optionally select or create a data filter. Then you can select a variant from the dropdown list in the top left corner in the middle pane and right pane, respectively.

Set a baseline process

The baselined variant can be used as a benchmark in the Comparison option to compare processes. 

To baseline a process variant:

  1. In Process Map, select a variant other than 100% variant from the dropdown list in the top left corner.
  2. Right-click the process map and select Select Base KPI.
  3. Select KPI: Time or KPI: Count. The selected KPI variant is saved as the baseline.

It is generally recommended that you baseline the most common or best practice business process. Other variants can be compared with the baseline for analysis and optimization. Any two process variants can be compared.