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Change metrics in process maps


Change metrics in process maps

The Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in ProcessAI is how you want to measure the performance of processes.

Change KPI in process maps

After you land on the main page of the ProcessAI, you can take either of the following ways to set a specific KPI:

  • Click the Count or Time tab at the top.
  • Right click anywhere in the middle pane and select Select Base KPI > KPI: Count or KPI: Time.

Supported KPIs

ProcessAI supports the following KPIs:

  • Count: The total count of transactions that are processed. For example, in a process map, if a "created" activity has a count of 10, it indicates that the "created" activity has run 10 times in total.
  • Time: The mean, median, or a certain percentile of time for a variant or an activity to complete. 

Note: In a process map, the time KPI indicates the time taken between two activities, not the time of any of the activities. To view the time data of a specific activity, go to Case Details > Activity Details in the Process Data pan, and then locate the activity in question. You can get the time for the activity by comparing the Start Time and End Time fields.

If you set the KPI to Time, you can also click to further customize the metrics by selecting one of the data set measurement methods:

  • Mean (default)
  • Median
  • 90th percentile
  • 95th percentile 
  • 99th percentile

When you select a measurement method, the time displayed below the link between two activity nodes are updated accordingly.

With one KPI selected, the activities in processes in the process maps are described using the selected KPI. For example, if you select Time as the KPI, time is used as the metric to measure the activities, and lines between two activity nodes in the process maps are tagged with the time it takes for the activity to complete.

For example, the following screenshot is the default process map for variant 1. The KPI is time and the measurement method is the mean value.


You can change the measurement method by clicking icon_switch_method.gif, and then selecting a measurement method. For example, if you select 90th percentile, the process map is updated to show the 90th percentile value for each of the activity durations.