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Zuora Release 2024.03.R1


Zuora Release 2024.03.R1

Initial release to sandbox: 27. June 2024

Initial release to production: 12. July 2024

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Release Highlight

We are proud to announce the following highlights for this release:

  • The new Zuora E-Invoicing feature provides the extensibility and configurability to empower you to build country- and customer-specific integrations with Sovos E-Invoice solution.
  • We now support our E-Invoicing integration with Avalara E-Invoicing and Live Reporting.
  • We have now improved the Ebanx payment gateway integration to support credit card transactions in additional countries. 
  • We have implemented new enhancements to the Manage Regions settings page.
  • From 2022.09.R1, the Quickstart API is available to you if you have the Orders (or Order Harmonization) and Invoice Settlement features enabled in your tenant. 

New and Changed

Product, feature, or capability Description and impact Availability Date

Billing: Orders API

►Enhancement on Billing Schedule 2

You can now use Add Product order action in Create an Order API to make a product quantity upsell for per unit recurring charges. See Order Actions.


Billing: Orders API
►Support E-invoicing with Avalara

You can now use Create an order and Activate an order operations in Orders API to queue concurrent requests and serialize API call execution. See Preview a subscription by subscription key

        Billing: Delivery Adjustments
►E-Invoicing enhancements for countries not pre-integrated 

You can now create, view, and cancel delivery adjustments from the user interface. See Overview of Delivery Adjustments.

Billing: Batch Update Price
►Index file control when exporting bulk PDF files

You can now define the subscription cohort in a CSV and upload the file to apply new prices. See Batch update price.



Reference Description and impact Availability Release Version Date


►New countries supported for Ebanx credit card transactions

Fixed API so default values of taxCode and taxMode fields on the order line item are automatically populated from the same fields of the charge if the taxable field of the charge is true.

EA R1.06  
►End of Support of Collections Window, Notes, Advanced Payment Manager, Payment Plans, and Statement Generator features

During the end of support period beginning on June 3, 2024, features will still be accessible in all Zuora environments, but no further product development. Any critical defects, bug fixes or security issues will be evaluated and fixed at Zuora’s discretion. For more information, see Product and feature end of support plan.

  • All customers using Advanced Payment Manager feature must transition to using the Payment Profiles functionality across the Zuora ecosystem and associated business processes by January 31, 2025.
  • All customers using Payment Plans feature must transition to using the Payment Schedules functionality and APIs across the Zuora ecosystem and associated business processed by January 31, 2025.
  • All customers using Statement Generator feature must transition to using the Account Summary Statement functionality and APIs across the Zuora ecosystem and associated business processes by January 31, 2025.
EA R1.05

Deprecated features

Product, feature, or capability Description and impact Deprecation Date


►PATCH HTTP method available for callout notifications 

ChargeMetrics and ChargeMetricsRun deprecated. See Zuora SOAP API Version History.

Aug 30, 2023
Administrative Settings
►Manage Regions settings page 

We have implemented the following enhancements to the Manage Regions settings page:

  • Rename the page to "Manage Countries, Regions and States" from "Manage Regions" for a better understanding.
  • Relocate the page to the Administration Settings page from Billing Settings. We make this change because managing countries and subregions applies not only to Billing but also to Payments, Platform, and other products.
Sep 20. 2023