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Payment Profiles


Payment Profiles

The Payment Profiles feature is in the Early Adopter phase. We are actively soliciting feedback from a small set of early adopters before releasing it as generally available. If you want to join this early adopter program, submit a request at Zuora Global Support.

Payment Profiles enable payment flexibility for subscribers by allowing payment methods to be associated with specific subscriptions. Additionally, payment profiles will allow subscriptions to indicate the gateway to be used for electronic payment processing.


  • Configure the required Payment Gateway(s) and applicable Payment Method(s). For more information, see Set up payment gateways and Define and set up payment methods.
  • Acquire the Manage Payment Runs permission to create, edit, cancel, stop, and delete payment runs. For more information, see Payment Roles.
  • Configure a callout notification to Configurable Payment Retry to use Configurable Payment Retry to retry failed payments of a payment run. For details about configuring the callout and other configuration tasks for Configurable Payment Retry, see Configure the Configurable Payment Retry feature. Ensure that the out-of-box payment retry is disabled.
  • Configure the retry rules in Configure Payment Retry Rules of Zuora Payments settings to use the out-of-box payment retry in Zuora. For more information, see Configure payment retry rules.

Configure Payment Profiles

Payment Profiles allows payment information to be stored at a granular level more than the Account level. This feature allows you to specify the payment attributes at the subscription level, which can be used to collect payments using electronic payment methods. This feature is applicable if a billing document has multiple subscriptions, and the payment collection should use different payment methods and gateways.

Once enabled, the payment method and payment gateway payment attributes will be visible in the Payment Operations section of the Subscription. To modify one or both attributes, click the pencil icon in the top left corner and select desired inputs from the drop-down menu. 

  • Payment Method - Should be an active card on the account. 
  • Payment Gateway - Should be an active gateway configured within the tenant. Ensure the gateway supports the selected payment method.

If a specific Payment Method or Gateway is not indicated on the Subscription, payment operations will use the account default payment method and gateway for processing.

Configure Payment Run using Payment Profiles

The payment run is an asynchronous process running in the background, so you can continue using the Zuora application while the payment run is being executed.

To create a payment run:

  1. Navigate to Payments > Payment Runs in the left navigation section.
  2. Click New Payment Run (also applicable for scheduled payment runs).
  3. Select whether you want to create a payment run for Multiple Customer Accounts or Single Customer Account.
    • If you select Multiple Customer Accounts, you can choose All Customer Accounts or filter by batch, bill cycle day, currency, payment gateway, or invoices in a bill run.
    • If you select Single Customer Account, search for the customer account.
  4. Select Use custom payment methods.
    If you select this option, the payment run will attempt a payment based on the identified payment method and/or gateway identified on the subscription. 
  5. Optionally, select other payment processing rules. Enter a Target Date for the payment run. For more information, see Create Payment Run
  6. Click Create Payment Run.


How does a payment run work with Payment Profiles?

Once the payment run is executed using the Payment Profiles, the following tasks are completed:

  1. All invoices that meet the specified criteria are collected.
  2. Invoices are segmented by subscription.
  3. Payments are processed for subscriptions individually using specified payment methods and gateways.

When processing payments, the payment run will check the balance for each subscription but will reject payment for an invoice for the following two conditions:

  • The balance for a subscription is negative.
  • The subscription balance is greater than the overall invoice balance.

If both conditions are met, it will process the payment(s) for the invoice. Otherwise, it will reject the payment.

A list of all payments can be viewed within the Payment Run table. Each payment will provide details of the corresponding invoice and account, the payment method and gateway, the payment amount, and the status.

If Invoice Settlement is enabled on your tenant and you have selected to use unapplied payments and credit memos in payment runs, the order of processing payments is as below:

  1. Apply the unapplied payments
  2. Apply unapplied credit memos
  3. Process payments for the remaining balance
  4. Unapplied payment and credit memos will be applied to charges based on the configured application rules in your environment. For more information, see Default Application Rules.

Limitations of Payment Profiles

The following list of items is a roadmap to the payment profile's future enhancements:

  • The use of Payment Profile Attributes is not supported with payment API operations or with ad-hoc payments. Payment Profile can only be used with Payment Run functionality.
  • Use of Payment Profile Attributes are not supported If the balance for a subscription is negative, the payment will not be processed.
    If the balance for a subscription item is negative, the payment will not be processed. 

For example,

Subscription Name

Invoice Item Amount

Tax Amount

Subscription A



Subscription B



  • The subscription balance is greater than the overall invoice balance.
  • The population of Payment Profiles is not supported for Subscription Creation actions. A subscription must already exist to populate attributes. 
  • Payment Profile attributes must be populated within the UI; the ability to update via API operations is not currently supported.