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Overview of Delivery Adjustments


Overview of Delivery Adjustments

You can create delivery adjustments corresponding to end customer-initiated refunds, for example, due to unqualified deliveries. After you specify the start and end dates of an adjustment period in a subscription, Zuora creates one delivery adjustment record for each charge each day. Your start and end dates could be any dates in the past and today, the default number of days eligible for adjustment is 14 days. Zuora generates a Credit Memo automatically once a delivery adjustment is created.


You can now create delivery adjustments for the end customer-initiated refund.

If needed, you can also cancel a specific delivery adjustment.

The following flowchart shows you how Zuora proceeds if you create delivery adjustments and cancel a specific delivery adjustment.

Adjustments creation and cancelation_2023May12.png

Notes for Invoice Settlement operations

If you want to perform the Invoice Settlement operations on credit memos created by delivery adjustment, note the following: