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Report on Dynamic Offers conversion data


Report on Dynamic Offers conversion data

Describes how to report on Dynamic Offers conversion data

You can integrate your dynamic offers with the Zephr Conversions public API to record and view conversion data of the outcomes in the dynamic offers.

Note: To enable conversion data reporting, you must turn on user_tracking_id as an input of the dynamic offer rule.

To record the conversion data, you need to set up integration that would call the Conversion API each time a conversion happens. The following data should be included in the payload:

  • ruleId: ID of the rule.
  • outcomeId: ID of the outcome.
  • conversion: A customised value that will be displayed in the analytics mode of the Rules Builder to represent the specific conversion. For example, "paid".

Below is an example request of the Conversion API:

curl --request POST \
    --url '' \
    --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    --data '{
    "ruleId": "<rule_id>",
    "outcomeId": "<outcome_id>",
    "conversion": "paid"

Note that ruleId and outcomeId are returned in the Dynamic Offer API response.

To view the conversion data, go to the Rules Builder canvas where the rule is defined, and then switch to Analytics mode by clicking Analytics:image1.png.