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View Conversion Rates


View Conversion Rates

Conversion rates can be viewed for outcomes, such as registration, payment or data capture forms, or custom blocks, on the rules canvas for a feature rule.

For further information on viewing conversion rates in custom blocks, see the Custom Component Blocks topic.


  1. You must be using an HTML implementation to view conversion data on your outcomes
  2. To view conversion data using an SDK implementation, you can use a custom block

To view conversion rates, complete the following steps:

  1. Select Products from the main menu
  2. Select Features from the menu options
  3. Select the feature for which you want to view conversion rates data
  4. Select the version of the feature you require


    1. If you create – or update – a feature, it must be published before any conversion rates can be gathered and displayed
    2. If you have previous versions of your feature rule, which contained conversion rates, you can review the conversion rates for that version by selecting it from the Version column
    3. If a version of the feature rule was created before Zephr Journey was enabled, and it has not been live since it was enabled, no conversion rates will have been calculated for that version
  5. Scroll down to the Rules Builder section
  6. Select the Analytics button

    The conversion rates for that outcome are displayed, as illustrated below:


    • Total number of converted end users
    • Converted end users as a percentage of total end users
  7. The conversion rates provide the following information:

If required, you can adjust your rule to increase the percentage of end user conversions based on the displayed conversion rates.

The conversion statistics are aggregated daily to help you with timely and organized insights.