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Using Registration Codes for Account Membership


Using Registration Codes for Account Membership

This guide will teach you how to as a Registration Code field on your out-of-the-box Zephr registration forms, allowing your end users to sign up to a Corporate Account at the time of registration.

Using these codes reduces the time your team spends manually adding users into corporate accounts and allows your customers to independently manage who gets access to their bulk subscriptions. End users who sign up using a registration code will automatically be added into the relevant Zephr Account, and immediately inherit the entitlement model (entitlements, bundles, meters and credits) associated with that Account. Read more about this in our Corporate Accounts section.

Using Registration Codes for Account Membership

Using a registration code for account membership adds an additional field to your out-of-the-box registration form. This field asks the end user to input a registration code in order to be added to a Zephr Account whilst signing up. These fields are not mandatory, but will be seen by any users seeing this registration form.

To enable registration codes, simply navigate to the form via UI > Forms then select the relevant form from the results list.

Once on the form configuration page, check the tick box for Allow Registration Codes For Account Membership and click Save.

Navigate to your site by clicking the arrow icon in the top right and select Live. When on your site, navigate to a page where you expect to see the registration form (Note: this will need to be part of a Feature Rule).

When viewing your form, you will note a new field stating, “Have an account subscription code? Enter it here.”

Entering a Registration Code in this field will sign the end user up to the relevant Corporate Account at the time of registration.

Unsure where the Registration Codes come from?

Registration Codes can be set up at any time within each Zephr Corporate Account. In your Zephr Admin Console, choose Identity > Accounts and then pick the relevant Corporate Account from the list of results.

From here, scroll down until you find the Registration Code field.

Here you can either Generate a random code, or create one of your choosing, then click Save. This can be given to your Account Manager, who can distribute it to those who require access to the account.

Read more on managing Corporate Accounts in the Corporate Accounts section of the User Guide.