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Zephr Release Notes 06.24


Zephr Release Notes 06.24

Welcome to this month's release notes, offering concise descriptions of enhancements, new features, and resolved issues.

New and Changed Features

Features Description and impact

Multi-language support


The Zephr console is now available in the Japanese language. To change the language, click the icon at the top-right corner of the screen to toggle between English and Japanese. See Multi-Language Support.

Dynamic offers integrated with payment forms

You can now create payment forms integrated with dynamic offers, enabling you to customize offerings according to your users' needs. This integration enhances the end-to-end user experience, provides customisation capabilities, and effectively accommodates varying offers and promotions.

Zephr offers a default Dynamic Offers paywall template for immediate use. You can also customise this template to suit your specific needs. See Dynamic Offers Paywall Layout.

Enhanced product selection for dynamic offers

A new Product Output screen has been created to select dynamic offers directly from the unified catalogue without creating an intermediary Zephr product. In this screen, you can view a list of all the available products, which can be sorted by their environments, such as Live, Staging, and so on. The product list is retrieved directly from the Zuora API, ensuring real-time updates. You can also expand each product to view detailed rate plans and filter by product rate plans as needed. See Product Output.

UI personalization with user attribute integration via JWTs



You can now personalise UI Components on your website when deployed through Zephr by utilizing user-attribute-like data supplied through a JWT. This involves extracting data from a specified claim in the JWT and using it as template variables that can be referenced in a given UI Component.

To enable this feature, a new option called Enable JWT User Attributes has been added to the JWT screen (Settings > JSON Web Tokens). Ensure that any data intended for UI customization is included under a single claim in the JWTs you provide.

For example, to reference the user's name on your website using HTML code, navigate to the  Add a Component or Form screen (Product > Features > Article > Edit an Outcome) and use the following snippet:

<h2> Welcome {{blaze.jwt_attributes_nickname}}!</h2>
Centralised data retrieval endpoint for enhanced GDPR  A new endpoint has been introduced to centralise all user data by aggregating information from various sources such as SQL databases and DynamoDB. This feature is crucial for ensuring compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) when managing requests from your customers. These requests may involve actions such as submitting subject access requests or requesting deletion from all systems utilised by your organisation.


Reference Description and impact

Improved search performance in Users screen

A number of improvements were identified and implemented to increase performance when searching for users in the Identity module.


Password reset with latest OTP

When you attempt to reset your password multiple times, the system now considers only the latest OTP and invalidates the previous attempts. An error, Invalid Code, is displayed when you enter an OTP from any e-mail apart from the latest one.