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Create forms with dynamic offers


Create forms with dynamic offers

You can now effortlessly create forms integrated with dynamic offers. Payment forms support dynamic offers, allowing you to tailor your offerings to users' needs. This enhances the end-to-end user experience and provides customisation capabilities.

Zephr offers a default Dynamic Offers paywall template for immediate use. You can also customise this template to suit your specific needs. To utilise this template, set up a dynamic offer that can be integrated into your payment form.

To create a Product Selection Page (PSP) in the component library:

  1. Select the Dynamic Offers Paywall layout from the Component Template screen (Add Components > Components).
  2. Enter the following details:
    Field Your Action
    Title Enter a name for the template in the Title text box.
    Slug Modify the Slug field as needed. The slug cannot be changed once the contact form is saved.
    Description (Optional) Enter a description for the form in the Description field.

    Set up page and payment variables as needed. Each row in the Preview table corresponds to a variable that you can configure.

    • Page Variable - Use it to configure elements outside the product card, such as highlighted text and taglines. These variables can be set when adding the product selection page to a payment form, or can be dynamically populated with the tagline and custom properties of a dynamic offer rule.
    • Payment Option Variable - Use it to configure elements within the product card, such as title, charge, and name. The value of these variables is derived from the products, prices, and charges returned by a linked dynamic offer rule. Custom values, such as image links, can be configured as product attributes and mapped to these variables in the JS section of the template.

  3. Preview and validate the dynamic offers in the Preview window. For more information, see Preview and Validate Dynamic Offers.
  4. Customise the form as required in either HTML, CSS, or Javascript.
  5. Click Save.

To create a payment form in an outcome with an existing PSP:

  1. Go to Product > Features.
  2. Add a new feature.
  3. Click Add a New Outcome in the Version screen.
  4. Click Add a Component or Form.
  5. Select Product & Payment Plans.
  6. Select the Dynamic Offers radio button. You will be prompted to select a product selection page component created in step 5.
  7. Select the existing dynamic offer available.

    You can also modify the offer the form uses at any time.
  8. Click Save. You also have the option to save the template to the component library by selecting the Save & Add to Component Library option.