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Zephr Release Notes 07.24


Zephr Release Notes 07.24

This article summarizes the new features, enhancements, and resolved issues for the July release.

New and Changed Features

Features Description and impact
Improved security with encryption Zephr now supports Bearer Token Authentication for webhook credentials, allowing clients to securely include a token (such as a JWT) in the Authorization header for each request. See Webhook Credentials.
Enhanced rule templates The rule template library now features enhanced filtering options based on types such as Generic, Feature (HTML, JSON, SDK), Redirect, or Dynamic Offers (Tagline, Price, Product, Discount). We’ve added a new drop-down list, Rules Builder Type, to the Rule Template Library (Settings) screen for selecting the most appropriate rule builder type. See Rule Template Library.
Enable Preference Centre for billing customers

The Preference Centre is now enabled for customers who have selected Zuora Billing as their preferred payment method. 

Note: Currently, customers using billing-only services can utilize the Preference Center.

Configure and activate Zuora Billing as the primary payment provider A new option, Zuora Billing, has been added to the Settings menu to activate and configure Zuora Billing as your primary payment provider across various environments such as Live, staging, and UAT. See Zuora Billing.

Earlier, the Zuora Billing option was listed among other payment providers in the Extensions screen (Zephr > Settings).
Add registered users in bulk to B2B accounts You can now add existing registered users to B2B accounts in bulk based on their email domains. To support this feature, a new option, Bulk Add Users, has been added to the Add/Edit Account screen (B2B > Companies & Accounts > Add/Edit Account > Users section). See Users.
BlueConic API update The BlueConic extension has been upgraded to utilize the BlueConic Rest API V2, aligning with the API migration details provided in the announcement. See BlueConic.


This month's release notes do not include any bug fixes.