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Add basic information and contacts for customer accounts


Add basic information and contacts for customer accounts

Basic information and contacts

The Basic Information & Contacts section contains the following information as explained in the Field Descriptions. Note that account information will include additional, NetSuite-specific fields if you are using the Zuora Suite connector.

Field Descriptions

Name Description
Status The status of the account in Zuora: Draft, Active, Canceled.

You must cancel all subscriptions associated with an account before you can cancel the account. You can't cancel an account that has active subscriptions. After cancelling an account, you can re-activate it later. 


Ultimate Parent

You can create a customer hierarchy by selecting a parent record in the customer account. You can do this for both existing customers (view the account and edit it to add a parent) and when creating a new customer account.

A parent-child relationship is not required for most accounts, and this should be configured only when needed.

Typically, a customer hierarchy can be used to: 

  • Arrange billing accounts in a hierarchy for organizational purposes. 
  • Roll up usage, such as rolling up usage from child to parent accounts. 
Levels Allowed

Five levels are allowed in a customer hierarchy.

Account Name The name of the company or person that has purchased services and/or products that you need to bill for.
Account Number

This is a unique number that identifies an account. This number can be numeric, alphanumeric, or alphabetic. If an account number is not entered, one will be automatically generated by Zuora Billing. Account numbers in Zuora Billing must be unique; the same account number cannot be used for more than one customer account.

You can modify the account number of a customer account only if the account has no subscriptions or draft subscriptions only. Otherwise, the account number cannot be modified.

Account Image This is an image that helps you identify the account. Adding an account image is optional. Acceptable file formats for the image  are jpg, gif, jpeg, png, or bmp.

Bill To

Sold To

The Bill To and Sold To contact profiles are used for billing. The Bill To and Sold To contact can be the same or a different person/entity. The contact record contains information that you will need to keep and use for billing. Unlike a business card in your Rolodex, a contact is linked to a customer account.

Key Contacts
  • The Bill To Contact is the person that you would like to bill or send the invoice to.
  • The Sold To Contact is person that you have sold your product or services to. This person can be the same as the Bill To contact.

You do not have to create a separate contact for your Sold To contact if the person that you sold to is also the person that you are billing. You can simply select the Same as Bill To Contact check box during account creation to use one contact and specify it to be both the Bill To and the Sold To contact. 

If you select the Same as Bill To Contact check box during account creation, both the Bill To and Sold To contacts are updated upon updating either one because they are pointing to the same contact record. In this case, if you want to update only one of them, you have to first create another contact and update the Bill To or Sold To contact of the customer account to be the newly created one.

CRM Account ID The ID for the customer account in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, for example, Account ID from Salesforce.

If you are using Salesforce as your CRM system, Zuora 360 will use the CRM Account ID to synchronize information from Zuora to Salesforce.

When the the field contains a valid Salesforce Account ID, the corresponding Salesforce account name appears with a link to the Salesforce Account page.

Sales Rep The salesperson or account manager who sold the account, or it can be the person responsible for the account.
CSR The name of the client services representative (CSR). This can be the professional services or implementation specialist for the account.
Notes A free-form text box for internal notes that you might want to make on the customer account. The contents of this field are not pulled into the invoice.

Create a new contact

To create a new contact:

  1. Fill in the fields as needed for the Bill to Contact.
    The only fields required to set up a new contact are the First Name and Last Name, indicated by green bars next to the fields. You must also enter a valid email address if you want to send invoices to the customer electronically by email.
  2. Click add more detail to include additional contact information such as fax number and other phone number. These fields are optional.
  3. Fill in the fields as needed for the Sold To Contact. If your Sold To Contact is the same as your Bill To Contact, make sure to select Same as Bill To Contact.