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Create customer accounts


Create customer accounts

You can create a customer account from the Zuora application, and add bill-to contacts and a default payment method.

Path separators cannot be contained in account names. UTF-8 4-byte characters are not supported in account names or bill-to contacts' first and last names.

How to Create Customer Accounts

The process of creating a new customer account involves a few easy steps:

  1. Enter the Basic Information and Contacts. Each account must have at least one contact before it can be saved. You can add a maximum of 100 contacts to an account.
  2. Enter the Payment Method. You can add a maximum of 100 payment methods to an account.
  3. Enter the Billing and Payment Info.
  4. Optional: Complete the Additional Fields configuration with additional account information.

Create a Customer Account

When you create an account, provide as much detail as possible so that you can bill correctly. Strive for accurate and consistent spelling of a corporate name if it is a company. Your billing customer database is only as good as the data being entered into the system.

  1. Navigate to Customers > Customer Accounts in the left-hand navigation section and click add new account.
  2. Enter the Basic Information and Contacts for the account. You can add a maximum of 100 contacts to an account.

    If you select the Same as Bill To Contact check box during account creation, both the Bill To and Sold To contacts are updated upon updating either one because they are pointing to the same contact record. In this case, if you want to update only one of them, you have to first create another contact and update the Bill To or Sold To contact of the customer account to be the newly created one.

  3. Optional. Select a Parent account if you want to create a hierarchy of customer accounts and use Zuora's enterprise billing features.
  4. Specify the Account Name and Bill To Contact First and Last Name. A valid email address is required if you want to send an invoice by email. The contact record contains information that you will need to keep and use for billing. A contact is linked to a customer account.
    • If you are using another system that uses a name match for integration (for example, QuickBooks for accounting), the Name for your account must match the name for the account in your other system. Accounting systems have the following character limits for account names:
      • QuickBooks® Desktop: 41 characters or fewer
      • QuickBooks® Online: 100 characters or fewer
      • Intacct: 100 characters or fewer
  5. Enter the Payment Method. You can add a maximum of 100 payment methods to an account.
  6. Enter the Billing and Payment Information.
  7. Click Additional Fields to include more information about your customer account, such as:
    • Account Number
    • CRM Account ID
    • Sales Rep
    • CSR
    • PO Number
    • Billing Batch
    • Invoice Template
    • Sequence Set
    • Allow Invoice Editing
    • Invoice Delivery Preferences
    • Additional Email Addresses
    • Credit Memo Template (This feature is in Limited Availability.)
    • Debit Memo Template (This feature is in Limited Availability.)

CRM Account ID, Sales Rep, CSR, and Notes are some of the many the fields that can be used to map information between your web site, SFA (Salesforce Automation), or CRM (customer relationship management) software and Zuora Billing. If you do not enter an account number, Zuora Billing assigns an account number that is unique to the account.

You can organize your customer accounts in batches, such as Batch 1 for US-based customers, Batch 2 for EMEA, and Batch 3 for Asia. When you set up Billing Operations, this gives you the flexibility of running bill runs based on batches. You can also choose from a list of default payment methods, including both electronic and external payment methods.

  1. Click save. The customer account is saved with an active status. You can create subscriptions for this account and start charging them for your products or services.

Use SOAP or REST APIs to Create Customer Accounts

See SOAP API Account object.

See REST API Create Account method.

Using a VAT ID

If you are using Avalara, you can specify a European Union Value Added Tax identification number for a customer account. To add an EU VAT ID to a customer account, enter an identification number in the VAT ID field when you create the customer account.

This feature is in Limited Availability. If you want to have access to the feature, submit a request at Zuora Global Support