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Change terms and conditions of subscriptions


Change terms and conditions of subscriptions

Creating and amending subscriptions in the Zuora Billing UI is:


Changing the terms and conditions allows you to extend or shorten the initial term or renewal term of the subscription. You can also autorenew a subscription in advance of the subscription's autorenewal date.

This amendment cannot be used to change the term start date. Although the amendment detail has a field to amend the value for Current Term Start Date, the amended date will only affect the initial term's end date. This does not affect the initial term start date. For example, if you create a subscription that has an initial term of twelve months with a term start date of 1/1/2009, and then amend the current term start date to 2/1/2009, your current term end date will be changed from 1/1/2010 to 2/1/2010. This effectively extends the subscription term by one month.

Use the following steps to change the terms and conditions on a subscription. Follow these steps for each subscription you want to change.

Using the Zuora User Interface to Change Subscription Terms and Conditions

To change the terms and conditions of a subscription:

  1. Select the subscription you want to renew.
  2. Click Amendment.
  3. Enter an Amendment Name. Optionally, enter a Change Description.
  4. Select Terms and Conditions from the Amendment Type list, then click Save.


  1. In the New Value section, edit the terms and conditions, then click Save


  1. Click Contract effective. Enter a Contract effective Date, then click Save.
  2. If you have Service Activation and Customer Acceptance dates enabled:
    1. Click Service Activation and enter the Service Activation Date
    2. Click Save.
    3. Click Customer Acceptance and enter the Customer Acceptance Date. 
    4. Click Save.

Using the Zuora API to Change Subscription Terms and Conditions

See Changing the Terms and Conditions and follow the instructions based on your WSDL version. 

Change Terms and Conditions with Future-dated Amendments on Subscription 

You can change terms and conditions when certain types of future-dated amendments exist on the subscription.

See Future-dated Amendments for more information about supported types of future-dated amendments.