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Zuora Billing Release 286, September 2020


Zuora Billing Release 286, September 2020

Welcome to the release notes for Zuora Billing Release 286 (R286), September 2020

For more information about the release notes of other Zuora products, see Zuora Release Notes.

Release schedule

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See API Changelog for a summary of REST API updates and documentation updates in the Zuora API Reference.

Orders and Subscriptions

Ramp Interval dates now available on the subscription details page

Ramp Interval dates are now shown on the subscription details page. If a subscription is a ramp deal, then you can see the Ramp Interval dates on the subscription details page. 

Usage and Rating

Behavior change to Tiered usage charges with on-demand rating

Zuora has introduced a behavior change to On-Demand Usage Rating for usage-based charges using the Tiered charge model. If the charge through date of a usage charge with the tiered charge model is later than the target date of a bill run, the charge is no longer picked up for rating and billing in the bill run. 

General availability of new charge models

This release will include the general availability of three new charge models. For more information, see Upcoming Usage Charge Models September 2020 in Zuora Community. 


Current WSDL version: 105

See Zuora WSDL for information on how to check your version and download the latest version.

SOAP API change history

See Zuora SOAP API Version History for a summary of updates made to the SOAP API in recent Zuora releases.